There is nothing more healing to your soul than the sound and rhythm of your written narrative—even if someone else has to write it for you.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou

Feel Accomplished

Stop living with that untold story inside you! As an experienced Ghostwriter, I can help you skip the frustration of “how” to transfer your life onto paper and get on with sharing it with the world. This is what the Universe and all of mankind has been waiting for: YOU!

Feel Free

Regardless of what challenges life throws at you, I have just the answer to set you free from the emotional bondage those challenges create. Learn how the therapeutic benefits of journaling will help you regain focus, restore health and realign faith. The online course is available here.

Feel Revitalized

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I believe everyone has a story inside them that when shared could save the lives of others, or at the very least inspire them to want to do more or be better. However, when it comes to putting that story to a written format, many people cannot muster the patience or know-how. If that’s you, you’re not alone.
After two decades of helping numerous authors bring their dream to fruition, many have expressed how satisfying it was knowing someone could take their thoughts, ideas and experiences and produce a creative enhanced, grammatically correct written piece of art—and have it done in their own voice!
The Literary Front Publishing Company was created to bring your inspiring, life-changing stories Front and Center. In fact, against all odds, your book may be the next one to hit the New York Best Seller’s List. How will we ever know if you never get it started?

True Purpose

“Terri is one of the finest writers in the industry. She knows how to write in ‘my voice’ and she’ll know how to write in yours.”

Les Brown
How Does It Work?
First, we would need to have a 30-minute complementary consultation so I can learn about the project you have in mind. From there, we only move forward synergistically. We sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect your copyrighted material. We sign a Letter of Agreement that spells out the terms. We set up a plan of action to get you to the finish line. Finally, I get to writing!


Click on the button above to schedule a FREE 30-minute chat.


Show up to the call so you and I can establish synergy and begin to create your project’s timeline.


We work one-on-one, all the way to the completion of your published work.
How Much Does It Cost?

Well, let me ask you this…

How much is it costing you to NOT have published work? How many people in need cannot be inspired or changed by your journey? Don’t regret missing this opportunity. Regret is perhaps the most lethal disease to have eat away at you later for something done or not done today.
The truth of the matter is no, there are no guarantees of getting on that coveted best seller’s list as you pursue your goal of authorship. In fact, all odds are against you for even finishing your book. There are so many people trying to do what you’re doing that it’s no longer just about talent, great ideas, and effort. Plenty have all three of those virtues going for them, to no avail.
Yet someone has to make it, right? Every day, someone sees their book writing dreams come true. Why shouldn’t that someone be you?
Every top writer — the one percenters of this world— struggled at some point just like you are now, yet they pushed through. Click on the button and let’s get started!

As a ghostwriter, author and publisher, my mission on this planet is to help individuals inspire, educate and change the lives of others by bringing their own life’s story Front and Center. I believe my ability to write in my client’s voice has been a key factor in the success of their finished product that warms their readers’ heart when it reaches their hands.

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